Letter: Group effort saves rural homes from fire

July 18, 2013 

What a great place we live in! We sometimes see the best of our community in times of adversity. My family is very fortunate that our house was not destroyed by the range fire last week near N. Columbia River Road in Pasco.

Examples of actions that enabled this and make us a great community include: getting warning calls from across the river; neighbors calling neighbors; Terry Gilmore sending heavy equipment to build firebreaks around neighbors' houses; Sagemore Farms and the Wooded Island crew pitching in to help; Big Bend Electric's rapid response to restore power that same day; and Daniel Bauman sending his sons and nephews to put out the fire that kept burning across the hillface. (The wind soon reversed and would have sent the fire rapidly downriver.) Finally and most significant, Franklin County and Walla Walla fire districts' professional and responsive actions prevented the fast and furious fire from harming any houses. The volunteer firefighters were still patrolling the area until almost midnight.

While we live in the confluence of three major rivers, have great weather, and have a healthy economy, what makes this a great place to live are the people.


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