Letter: Vote no on aquatic center

July 16, 2013 

Anyone who has lived in the Tri-Cities very long knows there is a lack of municipal pool space in all our cities. So how does a single location, commercial style, tax-subsidized water park address the problem? It only has a 25-meter x 25-yard lap tank where people can learn to swim. Spray park features and water slides by themselves don't address the problem.

We need more capacity in all three cities. One way to do this is to convert the existing municipal pools into year-round aquatic centers. With this approach each city's park and recreation department can provide swim programs year round. With this approach each of our school districts can provide swim programs, because there would be a year-round facility in each school district.

Private enterprise should build the commercial style water park, not local government. The present proposal does not provide a strategic plan for building more municipal pool space or capacity in all three cities. While the cities continue to downsize or close pools (there hasn't been any new facilities since the 1960s), our population continues to grow. It has doubled since 1990.

Please vote to reject the water park sales tax.


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