Letter: Story gives wrong idea about sex-offender housing

July 16, 2013 

The article on page 1 of Sunday July 7 was inaccurate and sensationalized reporting worthy of National Inquirer. I have known these men personally through three years of teaching weekly Bible studies. They are working hard to grow and become godly examples of how Christ can change a life.

A check of the sheriff's website shows three sex offenders -- only one of which is level 3 "highly likely to reoffend."

Were the 42 police calls researched? I suspect most of them are based on spurious reports by harassing neighbors.

In three years I have never known a single individual to be "thrown out on the curb" for not paying rent. I have known many cases where Roger Reiboldt carried an individual for months when they were unable to find work, losing thousands as a result. Saying it's all about making money is ludicrous.

This is just unsubstantiated accusations by neighbors with their personal agenda. The hypocrisy shown by neighbors living in a blighted area of known drug houses is unbelievable.

This house is about one thing: changed lives. Our community needs more like Roger Reiboldt, willing to make personal sacrifice to make a difference. An article like this is just plain wrong.

GILL KEITH, Richland

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