Letter: We all have the option of believing what we want

July 14, 2013 

We can believe anything we want, of course. We can believe that gay people are abominable, that black people are dumb, that Muslims are terrorists, that Jews are prejudiced, and that women are inferior. We can believe that there is an invisible place inhabited by dead people and immortals playing harps. We can believe in whatever scripture we like, or we can believe that all scripture is nonsense written by men with an agenda and who may have been eating certain mushrooms.

We can believe that the first born of every family should be sacrificed, or that abortion is murder. We can believe that science is liberal propaganda, and that evolution is a communist plot. We can believe everything we see on FOX News, or everything we hear on talk radio. We can even believe that all strange people should be burned alive at a stake.

But in the United States of America, we are not allowed to act on any of our beliefs if that action violates secular law.

We have a great country because we have rational, fair and compassionate laws, rather than laws based on ancient, inscrutable and contradictory scripture.


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