Letter: Try to make that float in Benton City area

July 14, 2013 

Lee Reiche's letter "Watering woes" (Letters, June 28) piqued my interest. His norm of 1 inch of water per week (21,870 gal/acre/6 month season) compares to BID's new restricted maximum flow of 6 gal/min/acre. (60,480 gal 24-7). So water only 8 hours every day sounds almost reasonable.

What he failed to recognize was that the Benton City area is an ancient riverbed and the sandy soil wicks up water vorasiously. His 24 inch/season won't cut it here. Forty-eight inches (an impractical 16 hours sprinkler) sounds more like it!

LEROY CAIN, Benton City

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