Letter: Medical staff displayed abundant concern after mishap

July 11, 2013 

Tri-City residents have once again proved their concern and empathy. I am almost 93 years old. On my way to a doctor's appointment, I got turned around and ended up behind Kadlec Regional Medical Center. I am chagrined to tell you that I vaulted a curb or two to get there.

Immediately, a woman and two men rushed to assist me. They ensured I was not hurt, changed my tire and offered me a ride. Fortunately, I was fine and there was minimal damage to my car.

Staff at Kadlec Wound Care Clinic made every effort to find me after I was late for my appointment. They offered to pick me up, meet the car repair people and generally looked out for me.

My son-in-law then helped me throughout the day, getting me to where I needed to go and providing physical and mental strength after this unpleasant experience.

Thank you to all involved. I don't know all your names, but I'll never forget your faces and your kindness.


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