Letter Best: The price is wrong

July 7, 2013 

Do you know how to lower the price you are paying for gas, or anything for that matter? It is an old trick that I saw my parents and grandparents use, all who had experienced the Great Depression.

You simply don't buy when the price is high. This works, and involves coordinating trips with other family members or neighbors. If you have to drive and there is no getting around it, adding one "errand" to a workday can save an extra trip, which saves miles on your vehicle and deprives the gas companies of some of their profit.

If you don't like the price of the avocados in the store where you shop, don't buy them. It is called a boycott of prices, and after a few bins of the produce have been thrown in the trash or start to get too ripe, you will see the price drop. The price we pay for many things we buy is really up to us if we use our heads.


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