Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Jul 5, 2013

July 5, 2013 

Kennewick General Hospital

HOSLEY -- Joedie and Brandon Sargent, Kennewick, boy, June 29.

CRAKER -- Veronica and Craig, Richland, girl, June 30.

VERDUZCO -- Rebecca and Edgardo Rivas, Kennewick, boy, June 30.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

EDWARDS -- Tayla and Javier Montes-Cemas, Hermiston, girl, June 26.

VILLEGAS -- Danae and Omar Figueroa, Hermiston, boy, June 27.

BRAVO -- Noemi and Jaime Carrera Magdaleno, Hermiston, boy, June 23.

O'LEARY -- Olivia and Michael, Hermiston, girl, June 26.

TACHIQUIN -- Ana and Alberto Trejo-Ramirez, Hermiston, girl, June 26.

LOPEZ -- Zana and Roberto Illan, Boardman, boy, June 30.

ROME -- Myriam and Cameron, Hermiston, boy, June 29.

STEELE -- Victoria and Jesus Rosales Jr., Hermiston, boy, June 30.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

RIVERA -- Seleni, Pasco, boy, June 26.

CARRASCO -- Yesenia and Joseph Moroles Wright, Kennewick, boy, June 26.

TRUJANO -- Nancy and Uriel Guevara, Prosser, girl, June 26.

LUSK -- Paige and Paul Allison, Kennewick, boy, June 26.

ANDERSEN -- Jade and Josh, Connell, boy, June 26.

ESTES -- Arrianna and Justin Smith, Kennewick, boy, June 27.

SANDERS -- Kinsey and Bryan McDonald, Kennewick, boy, June 27.

WRIGHT -- Nechelle and Edgardo Ayala, Pasco, boy, June 27.

HALL -- Kristin and Jason, Kennewick, girl, June 28.

RAYMUNDO -- Sharon and Ricky, Pasco, girl, June 28.

MEDINA -- Leticia, Kennewick, girl, June 28.

HOFFMAN -- Courtney and Chris, Hermiston, girl, June 29.

AKES -- Kara and Colton, Walla Walla, boy, June 29.

SHANDY -- Janessa and Christiaan Ullom, Kennewick, girl, June 29.

GILLETTE -- Ricki, Kennewick, boy, June 29.

RATLIFF -- Cassandra and Wardell Braxton, Kennewick, boy, June 30.

LI -- Kaili and Rentao Mu, Richland, boy, June 30.

GONZALEZ -- Estefania, Pasco, girl, July 1.

MENDEZ -- Ana and Erik, Kennewick, girl, July 1.

JOHNSON -- Rachael and Tyson, Richland, girl, July 1.

CUEVAS -- Karen and Alfredo Lopez, Kennewick, boy, July 1.

MACKEY -- Lindsay and Brian, Prosser, boy, July 2.

SCHULTE -- Brooke and Joshua Gilmore, Kennewick, girl, July 2.

DOBBS -- Rebekah and Justin, Richland, girl, July 2.

PAESCHKE -- Stephanie and Kevin Ward, West Richland, girl, July 2.

HAZZARD -- Celina and Charlie, Prosser, boy, July 2.

KNEIP -- Jodi and Justin Kemp, Kennewick, boy, July 2.

HIGHFILL -- Sarah and Greg Williams, Pasco, boy, July 2.

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