Letter: Editorial lauding firefighters missed others worthy of recognition

July 5, 2013 

Regarding the June 14 editorial, "Mid-Columbia never should take firefighters for granted." This was a notable praise about our firefighters. My comments are directed toward the editorial board. "Your voice" additionally praised Red Cross and Benton County Fairgrounds for plans to take in displaced animals. OK. That's it?

The board fails miserably in not addressing organizations that also were involved. City, county, and state police agencies called to evacuate residents all the while trying to deal with and stay ahead of the traffic control in a very fluid situation.

There are individuals with their skill and professionalism that manage our 911 system. They dealt with phones, radio requests, minute by minute, from the field all the while following procedures that never fully cover these situations, requiring their training and skill to make the necessary decisions that will help secure a safe and positive outcome.

I would suggest the editorial board look beyond their desks and see what it takes to handle situations such as this. So I will say it for you, way to go men and women of 911 and law enforcement. You all do a great job normally but you really shine in these situations. Great job. Thank you.


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