Letter: Shorten Richland's fireworks span to two days

July 5, 2013 

I hate to be a curmudgeon, but does the 4th of July celebration really have to go on for eight days? The city of Richland used to limit fireworks to five days, which was more than enough. Now it is eight days. Richland also limits the type of fireworks allowed, but the law is not enforced.

The police certainly have more important things to do than enforce fireworks laws. They are busy ensuring our safety. So why not rethink the policy, Richland? Richland should change the policy to limit fireworks to two days. And they might as well allow all kinds of fireworks since enforcing bans on certain kinds seems impossible? If the city strictly enforced a two-day limit and if the fine is large enough, Richland would be a safer, quieter place during the week leading up to and away from the holiday.


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