Building permits

July 4, 2013 

Week ending May 25

Verizon Wireless, 38121 N. DeMoss Road, Benton City, co locate antenna, $10,500.

Zirkle Fruit Company, 179503 S. 895 PR SE, Benton County, accessory building, $186,672.

Windsor Properties, 609 E. 31st Court, Benton County, heat pump, $7,400.

School District No. 51, 303 Bailey Blvd., Franklin County, school addition, $934,194.

T&R Farms, 1121 Klundt Road, Franklin County, residential addition, $32,593.

Washington Securities, 7600 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, mechanical, $25,000.

SW Kennewick LLC, 6603 W. Canal Drive, Kennewick, commercial remodel, $55,000.

BC4 LLC, 2909 S. Quillan St., Kennewick, sign, $18,000.

3 River Properties, 6821 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, sign, $10,000.

James Chapados, 7223 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, sign, $10,000.

G2 Investments LLC, 7117 W. Hood Place, Kennewick, sign, $10,000.

First States Investments, 3420 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, commercial remodel, $14,000.

Pasco School District, 6010 Road 52, Pasco, elementary school, $9,156,960.

State Board for Community College, 2600 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, tower antennas, $110,000.

Pasco School District, 1102 N. 10th Ave., Pasco, chiller replacement, $132,000.

Pasco School District, 4601 Horizon Drive., Pasco, chiller replacement, $115,000.

Shiva Associates LLC, 1502 N. Fourth Ave., Pasco, commercial addition, $101,148.

Joo Baik, 1208 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, pole sign, $10,000.

Grigsby Properties, 110 Gage Blvd Suite 203, Richland, tenant improvements, $120,000.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 902 Battelle Blvd., Richland, tenant improvement, $1,000,000.

Corp of Catholic Bishops, 2139 Van Giesen St., Richland, interior demolition, $6,000.

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