Letter: Aquatics center sales tax measure: Yes

July 3, 2013 

For the first time, our cities have come together on a single, community project for the collective benefit of everyone. On Aug. 6, an initiative will go before voters to approve a new aquatic center and water park, which will be funded with a sales tax of 0.1 percent (one cent on a $10 purchase). It's an excellent investment.

It will provide a year-round location to swim and recreate and contribute to improved health for people of all ages.

There is a crucial safety component. The new aquatic center will allow for year-round swim lessons. Each summer, the public pools see their swim lessons filled quickly. The aquatic center will enable swim lessons to be taught throughout the year, helping folks of all ages and income levels get the opportunity to learn to swim.

Economically, it will draw people to the Tri-Cities. For years, families travel to places like Pendleton and Moses Lake to use their water parks. The new aquatic center will attract people from throughout the Tri-Cities and the region. It will bring increased business, not to mention enhance the quality of life of our community.

Please vote yes for the regional aquatic center.

JIM HALL, Richland

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