Letter: Some Tri-City deaths and other concerns

July 3, 2013 

It is deeply saddening to read of the deaths of a young mother (Yolonda "Loni" Elmo-Farwell) and her baby (Avery Aaliyah Farwell) and baby Leonardo Eoin Fisher. Heartfelt condolences to those who grieve then slowly heal. You are in our prayers.

Other issues evoke different emotions. I hope the Columbia Basin Badger Club's recent forum on guns addressed some real problems and wasn't just a "get the guns" discussion. The legal ownership of guns must remain a constitutionally protected right. Illegal possession of guns (mentally ill, criminals) cannot be tolerated. Police can't protect folks in most violent situations. That must remain an individual responsibility and right

Another concern is President Obama and his disdain for the rule of law in his desire to control the unwashed millions. This administration will stop at nothing to change, control and punish those with whom they disagree. And the story on June 17 about Obamacare was meaningless. Costs change daily as the law is written and rewritten. Nobody knows!

Lastly, we are a nation of immigrants. Legal immigrants worldwide came and built this great nation. Welcome to America, legal Immigrants!


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