Mid-Columbia births for Mon, Jul 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

KINION -- Kate and Tom, Kennewick, girl, June 19.

GEHLEN -- Angela and Sean, West Richland, boy, June 19.

WALKER -- Samantha and Gary Butler, Kennewick, boy, June 20.

JONES -- Rebecca and Brian, Pasco, boy, June 21.

CARBAJAL -- Maricarmen and Miguel, Pasco, boy, June 24.

JOHNSTON -- Elizabeth and Ryan, Pasco, boy, June 25.

HERNANDEZ -- Silvia and Manuel Dominguez, Pasco, boy, June 25.

Kennewick General Hospital

KELLEY -- Kelley and Sonny, Kennewick, girl, June 26.

CASTRO -- Diana and Terhan Richardson, Kennewick, girl, June 26.

HALL -- Bonnie and Nathan, Pasco, boy, June 27.

SPENCER -- Sydney and David, Richland, girl, June 27.

LU -- Ling Juan and Tong De Chen, Richland, boy, June 29.

ESQUIVEL -- GinaMarie, Kennewick, girl, June 29.

YU -- Ying and Zhiqun Deng, Richland, boy, June 30.

JOHNSON -- Erica and Daniel, Kennewick, girl, June 30.

Prosser Memorial Hospital

VALENCIA -- Yesenia and Noel Calderon, Grandview, girl, June 20.

RAMOS -- Rita and Alejandro Martinez, Grandview, boy, June 22.

BARAJAS -- Maria and Laureano, Grandview, boy, June 23.

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