Letter: Too little done to stop illegal fireworks in Richland

June 28, 2013 

I relieved a notice with my utility bill concerning fireworks in Richland. I hope that this notice is not the extent of effort by Richland police to stop the use of illegal fireworks in the city. Every year, the neighborhood where I live lights up for hours with illegal fireworks, often in the hands of those under 16. A few years ago, the Salvation Army building in Richland burned to the ground. Last year, a person died while using illegal fireworks.

Last year, I sat on my front porch, water hose charged and ready, and watched as pre-teens sat on a car across the street pronouncing that they were going to "take out that tree" as they fired roman candles at my 40-foot pine trees. A word to the children didn't do any good, and a call to the Richland police didn't get any more response.

I would suggest that if the Richland police won't enforce the fireworks law that the city either revise the law or encourage those who pay no attention to the law to take their fireworks down to the asphalt parking lots near the Richland police station and use them there.


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