Letter: Richland should fix school zones during summer vacation

June 28, 2013 

School is out for the summer, and what better time to clearly mark the school zones in Richland.

Common sense would dictate that all roads surrounding a school be clearly marked as a school zone (speed limit 20 mph) entering and exiting the zone.

This is not the case in most areas of the city. The lights that mark the zones should shine in all directions, not just one. In a lot of areas, one can enter into a school zone and not know that the light is on. Most areas do not mark the ending point of the zone either. Crosswalks that do not have a traffic light should be marked with some type of signal so the kids can cross safely.

I have never lived in an area that did such a poor job of marking the school zones. It's not fair to our children or to the drivers.


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