Letter: Photo of Olivia has great-grandfather thinking

June 25, 2013 

In a recent e-mail, we received a photo of our youngest great-granddaughter, Olivia. At 18 weeks, she's so shy. In this photo, Olivia covers her eyes with one hand while sucking on the thumb of her other hand. She has long slender legs and arms. We're guessing that she is going to be tall, smart and beautiful like her pretty mother.

A beautiful child. What kind of person would harm a little lady like Olivia? Certainly, any harm would be a product of the evil one. Yet it happens countless times every day. Oh, did I mention that Olivia is 18 weeks into her gestation period? Yes, it will be about 21 weeks yet before she will take her first breath and perhaps another 35 or 40 weeks before she will take her first steps. Certainly you wouldn't think of harming Olivia or someone like her, would you?

DON LARSON, West Richland

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