Letter: Baby's death requires careful investigation, full prosecution

June 24, 2013 

The alleged murder of a baby girl in our community this month is a reminder that we need to carefully examine all the circumstances around her death.

Too often our society views the death of a child by brutality as a lesser crime than the same offense committed on an adult. Infants and children rely on the adults around them to keep them safe. Murder is murder no matter the age of the victim or who is the perpetrator. The person responsible must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

This also is a good time for a reminder to everyone that parents should be extremely cautious before bringing someone into their child's life. A background check and detailed knowledge of the person's family upbringing is critical for the child's safety and protection. The individual who an adult may view as a good choice for them may not turn out to be the best option for their very vulnerable child.


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