Franklin County judgments

June 23, 2013 

State of Washington Employment Security Department was awarded: w $4,052 from Petr Strizhak. w $3,140 from Ricardo Contreras. w $5,798 from Josefina Bustos. w $5,513 from Jenny Ocanpo. w $4,864 from Adam Schouviller. w $1,580 from April R. Stage. w $3,227 from Donna L. Anderton. Portfolio Recovery Associates was awarded.

-- $2,497 from Rosa M. Beltran.

-- $3,717 from Jeffrey Bonnington.

-- $2,903 from Marilynn Scott.

-- $20,419 from Roxanne H. Wokojance.

-- $2,928 from Jon Hermansen.

-- $3,102 from Lisa Beckman.

Barclays Bank Delaware was awarded $6,182 from Edward L. Trowbridge.

Banner Bank was awarded $901,769 from Joe A. Dean.

State of Washington Department of Revenue was awarded:

-- $3,800 from Captain Phils Auto Center Inc.

-- $4,500 from Randy R. Eakman.

-- $3,508 from Mata Construction LLC.

State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries was awarded:

-- $4,729 from Gap Mechanical Inc.

-- $11,205 from Soulek Inc.

-- $5,661 from Juan Manuel Sandoval-Valdivia and Rosalinda Sandoval.

-- $3,197 from All Steel Trailer LLC.

-- $2,006 from Cheridee R. Crisp.

GE Capital Retail Bank was awarded $2,836 from Minerba Lujano.

Vion Holdings LLC was awarded $2,561 from Librada Baligcos.

TD Bank USA was awarded $6,679 from Lynell Ingolia.

Discovery Bank was awarded $6,967 from Jorge A. Herrera.

Capital One Bank was awarded:

-- $2,537 from Rebekah Sivonen.

-- $2,693 from Ramon J. Vera.

FIA Card Services was awarded $10,313 from Amy S. Widenhouse.

Silver Creek Apartments were awarded $2,260 from Alexander Fuselier.

Ford Motor Credit Co. LLC was awarded $4,177 from Sara Samson.

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