Sunnyside council announces city manager pick

June 23, 2013 

— The Sunnyside City Council unanimously decided to hire Donald Day of New Mexico as city manager.

The council announced its decision to hire Day, one of four finalists interviewed Saturday afternoon by council and representatives from the community and city staff, on Saturday evening.

Mayor Jim Restucci and Councilmen Jason Raines and Francisco Guerrero have been appointed to serve as the city’s negotiating team, according to a news release.

Restucci said in a statement that Day has tentatively accepted the offer pending successful contract negotiations.

The committee will work with John Darrington, interim city manager and Lee Kerr, the city’s attorney, to finalize a contract for the entire council to consider later.

Restucci did not disclose any details of the offer, but said in a statement that Day is expected to take office on Aug. 1.

The other finalists were Steven B. Golnar, Ashton Harrison and Arthur Sciorra, according to a news release.

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