Letter: Arlene's Flowers -- What about the owner's rights?

June 23, 2013 

If I owned a flower shop like Arlene's, I also would serve all customers who came into my store regardless of their life's philosophies.

However, if a customer asked me to do something inside or outside my store that violated my moral standards, I too would politely refuse, as is my right of free choice and conscience under the Constitution. Why should owning a store change all that?

In past times, although the customer might get angry, they would blow off a little steam and go to someone else who agreed with their philosophy to get what they wanted -- ending the problem.

In present times, the so-called offended person now has to act like a juvenile and get even by initiating a lawsuit in order to make the owner, who is just trying to live according to her conscience and make an honest living, pay and be miserable.

Talk about fairness -- what about fairness to the owner's rights? Is not that important? Why put the owner into a difficult situation because you feel hurt, throw a tantrum and demand she think like you think?

Most thinking, fair and reasonable people would just walk away and go somewhere else.


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