Letter: Left and right battle it out on tricityherald.com

June 23, 2013 

In the online battle between reactionaries and progressives regarding publication of letters to the editor in the Herald, a recurring demand from reactionaries is that progressives must stop blaming President Bush for America's current problems. There seems to be a belief among reactionaries that God created the Earth on Jan. 20, 2009, and therefore, the blame for any of our current problems belongs to President Obama.

A brilliant line from Shakespeare's The Tempest, engraved on the National Archives buiding in Washington, D.C., states simply, "Past is prologue." The obvious message of that line is that there is a connection between past and present that cannot be ignored or denied.

Our current deficits and sluggish economy are not of Obama's making, They are clearly the result of Bush's unwarranted tax cuts, an unnecessary war, failure to regulate uncontrolled speculation, and unjustified gifts to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. The current recovery, however sluggish, should be credited to President Obama.

A basic message here is that if you don't understand history and economics, that's ignorance; if you don't understand the importance of understanding history and economics, that's stupidity.


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