Mid-Columbia births for Thu, Jun 20, 2013

June 20, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

BELL -- Elizabeth and Roberto Palencia, Benton City, girl, June 14.

BUNCH -- Janell and Garrett, Richland, girl, June 17.

WRIGHT -- Teresa and Derek, Richland, girl, June 17.

LOPEZ -- Nereyda, Pasco, girl, June 17.

CRAVEN -- Sophia and Timmy, Pasco, boy, June 17.

SANDERS -- Jill and Dan Jr., West Richland, boy, June 18.

HAYNES -- Stephanie and Duane, Pasco, girl, June 18.

RAYMOND -- Jamie and Jacob, Pasco, boy, June 18.

LOPEZ -- Raquel, Benton City, girl, June 18.

LOPEZ -- Raquel and Benjamin Torento, Pasco, girl, June 18.

EVANS -- Kasey and Memo Correa, Prosser, girl, June 18.

MOHR -- Sally and Jason, Richland, boy, June 19.

PATINO -- Jessica and Matthew, Kennewick, boy, June 19.

JENSEN -- Kaitlyn and Jace, Pasco, boy, June 19.

RODRIGUEZ -- Karen and Juan Prado, Pasco, boy, June 19.

DONOHOE -- Soumya and Patrick, Richland, boy, June 19.

CRAM -- Natania and Travis, Richland, girl, June 19.

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