Let's spend our time/money helping, not hurting

June 19, 2013 

This conversation over the flowers is getting out of hand. If the flower shop doesn't want to sell flowers it's pretty simple... buy from who wants the business... And it's no one's business what goes on in their household regarding sex or anything else. Good grief. Get over it! Just don't shop at places who act higher than the almighty self.

I have another idea worth discussing.

I spent the second day at Spot Of Faith Horse Rescue Farm. They need and deserve any help anyone can provide. And the businesses who are supporting her ventures deserve all the credit for helping her as they have. If someone is needing something worth while to do on any given day, come to 6402 Wernet Rd in Pasco.

There you will find the need and the love and appreciation you might be seeking.

These animals are in need of so many things the lists are long. A bag of carrots at Winco costs less than 8 bucks for 25 lbs. Or get some grain from the feed store. Come and shovel and we'll have a good ole time.

Take a break from your day of stress and come and get dirty.


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