Letter: Latest IRS scandal points to need for FairTax bill

June 18, 2013 

What's a bigger disgrace than the IRS' apology to the tea parties? Members of Congress who have failed to protect Americans, organizations and businesses by getting rid of the IRS with the passage of the FairTax bill HR25/S122, as written.

The FairTax bill has been in Washington, D.C., since 1999, yet both parties fail to put their words into action by co-sponsoring the FairTax bill, presenting it to their constituents and making sure the House Ways and Means committee members know it needs to get voted out of committee for a vote on the floor of the House. A possible reason for opposition is concern about the transfer of power out of the hands of Congress and into the hands of we, the people.

The FairTax is true tax reform and the only tax reform bill in Congress that will get rid of the IRS as we know it with companion legislation to repeal the 16th Amendment in its entirety. Currently, 73 co-sponsors in 113th Congress from 22 different states but none from the Pacific Northwest.

The power to tax is the power to destroy! It is time to seize the solution -- FairTax HR25/S122.


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