Letter: Day care's closure frustrating

June 18, 2013 

My child's day care was recently shut down by the state, which said it is investigating some child abuse allegations. I am so disheartened by the whole situation because I cannot believe the allegations are true.

My child had a wonderful experience there, and she is old enough to tell me if anything like that was going on. I have been to several day cares in the Tri-Cities, and my child told me that Aunt Bee's is the best day care that she has ever been to.

Not only that, they offered evening and weekend care. I know of no other center that does that. They also helped children with special needs. They were patient, kind and I feel so bad for the owner Debbie Stacey.

I just want the public to know that not every allegation that is reported in the paper or on the news is true. My child loved Aunt Bee's and that is why I am going out of my way to write a letter to the editor, so the public knows that my daughter's experience there was good and she was bonded to the staff. It is truly disappointing that she will have to go somewhere else now.


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