Letter: Cowboys, hay farmers need to step up for starving horses

June 18, 2013 

Kudos to the Tri-City Herald for featuring the story about the Spot-o-Faith nonprofit rescue facility and the problems it faces rescuing malnourished and neglected horses.

The owner is trying to do the right thing, saving lives, and it's ridiculous that she cannot supply the needed hay for the rescued animals.

Come on, folks -- she lives in the middle of hay country! Some of you hay farmers need to man up and donate a pickup load of hay to this ranch for the great things she is doing.

Some of you have thousands of acres of hay, surely you can spare a little of it to save the life of a horse.

You "cowboys," instead of buying another silver bit or fancy blanket, try donating that money to buy grain, or get together with some of your cowboy friends and take a load of grain out there. Love horses? Prove it!


w Editor's note: Herald readers responded to the article about the horses' plight. Read about it at: tinyurl.com/Spot-O-Faith, or send email to spotofaithfarm@msn.com to learn how to help.

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