Letter: Blame mankind for what's wrong with the world

June 17, 2013 

In reply to the letter by Evan Meacham (Letters, June 3), it is often asked why a good and loving God can allow such suffering in the world. We have trouble with this because we are asking the wrong question.

What we should be asking is: why we allow such suffering in the world? The Creator gave us this world and our time in it to learn how to love and take care of each other and to learn to help each other in times of need. That is our purpose here.

It is not to see who can drive a car the fastest or to build the tallest building or to see who can accumulate the most power and wealth.

We were given free will for a reason. We must each decide during our lives here whether to pursue our own self-interests or to help others. For each of us, our time here is only a small part of our total existence, but it is an important part. The only way to find real peace and happiness is through service to others. Those who serve only their own selfish interests are failing the course.

DAVID HIMES, Kennewick

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