Letter: Problem in Washington is lack of accountability

June 17, 2013 

Since coming home from Afghanistan, I've become concerned about the level of corruption in our current administration.

The American people should be deeply concerned about the lies, coverups and complete lack of integrity displayed by this administration and its arrogance to continue to cover up and lie.

From Benghazi to the latest scandals involving The Associated Press, the IRS and obtaining the phone records of millions of Americans without probable cause, this administration just keeps lying to the American people.

I heard Hillary Clinton say she accepted full responsibility for Benghazi, but the administration seems to forget that with responsibility comes accountability, and you can't truly take "full responsibility" without being held "fully accountable" to the American people.

There is no accountability in government today. In truth, our elected officials should be held to a higher standard, for they are the representatives of this great nation, a nation that so many of our best have died to preserve.


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