Letter: Nation moving toward tyranny

June 16, 2013 

I believe most Americans would agree that as government grows bigger we loose a little freedom. It is apparent that our government is out of control in regard to spending, deficit, no budget, scandal after scandal, no transparency, gag orders, and the list goes on.

Webster's dictionary defines socialism and tyranny in regard to governments. We certainly have and are moving down this path and away from a nation that was founded by free and God-believing men.

Our founders had a vision for our country and future generations. Not for themselves! Many, of course not all, of our elected representatives have forgotten who they are serving. They live in a different world that includes power, prestige, retirement, health care and other special benefits that never decreases and only increases.

I believe U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott and Sen. Patty Murray certainly have not represented our state in the manner that they were elected to do so. McDermott's statement during the recent IRS hearings was embarrassing to our state.

Murray was chairwoman of the supercommittee that failed. Now she is chairwoman of the Democratic budget committee that is presenting a budget that has no debt ceiling, Increased taxes and no budget balance. When is enough, enough?


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