Letter: CREHST still has a role in telling Hanford's story

June 16, 2013 

When I saw the recent editorial headline, "Telling Hanford story critical role for Reach," I thought it was going to echo a recent plan proposed to the Richland Public Facilities District board and some Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology board members.

That plan proposes that the CREHST building, owned by the city of Richland, be used on an interim basis to house Hanford story exhibits that could eventually find a permanent home at the Reach. (There currently is insufficient funding available to create the space/exhibits needed to tell the story at the new Reach campus.) In the meantime, there is no reason why the story cannot continue to be told, perhaps even expanded, at the CREHST building. The fact that Reach Director Lisa Toomey has been named interim director at CREHST could ease many of the administrative hurdles involved in such a transition. It seems to me that the idea is a win-win-win-win-win for the Reach, Hanford story proponents, the city of Richland, the Department of Energy and the community at large.

I urge the many organizations and people involved to work together to preserve the Hanford heritage and to use this opportunity to continue to tell the unique story of Hanford.


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