Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Jun 14, 2013

June 14, 2013 

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

CLARO -- Gloria and Yair Duarte, Umatilla, boy, June 12.

VYHNAL -- Ashley and Wilfrido Garay, Hermiston, boy, June 8.

MENDOZA STEELEY -- Alicia and Hector Trujillo, Umatilla, girl, June 8.

PHILLIPS -- Suzanne and Tom Klaus, Stanfield, girl, June 8.

Prosser Memorial Hospital

RODROGUEZ-- Rosa and Javier, Prosser, girl, May 30.

HERNANDEZ -- Daniela and Gabriel Garcia, Benton City, girl, May 30.

MARTINEZ -- Megan and Hijinio Martinez, Prosser, girl, May 30.

MARQUEZ -- Olivia and Moises, Grandview, girl, June 1.

MILLAN -- Herlinda, Sunnyside, boy, June 1.

MARTINEZ -- Biancia and Jorge Chavez, Prosser, girl, June 3.

JIMENEZ -- Sonia and Gammabel Manjarrez, Grandview, girl, June 4.

BOBOTH -- Carrie and Everett, Grandview, twin boys, June 6.

Kennewick General Hospital

LEMMON -- Zenith and Danial, Kennewick, girl, June 10.

HOCK -- Genevieve and Christopher, Kennewick, girl, June 11.

MIRANDA -- Joanne and Gabriel Saenz, Pasco, girl, June 12.

BATALLA -- Rosalba and Blas Altamirano, Pasco, boy, June 12.

SANCHEZ -- Rachel and Ivan Villa Lopez, Connell, boy, June 13.

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