Letter: Family grateful for volunteers who responded to daughter's accident

June 13, 2013 

We would like to publicly thank the men and women from the volunteer emergency response teams of Colfax and Lacrosse, and particularly Scott Kruse from Colfax and Dean Wigen from Lacrosse. These selfless men and women responded to our daughter Jamie's multiple-rollover car accident on Highway 26 near Dusty on May 30, and saved not only her life but also saved the use of her legs in a very complicated and time-critical extraction from her crushed vehicle.

For all of the volunteer emergency response teams across Eastern Washington -- thank you!

Thank you for taking time from your own families for your training. Thank you and your employers for taking time away from your day jobs to save lives. Thank you for enduring the hardships of heartbreaking response calls. Thank you to small rural communities that invest in quality training and equipment to respond to those of us who pass through their beautiful areas without stopping -- unless by accident. We're very glad to report this story has a happy ending with essentially a full recovery.

PHIL and DIANE OHL, Richland

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