Letter: Reader has trouble following letter writer's logic

June 11, 2013 

This concerns the letter by Aaron Shefchek (Letter Best, May 26). His opening sentence claims that I must have heard disparaging remarks regarding technology "at least 20 million times." Were this true, I would have had to hear such a remark every 1.3 minutes of my life.

Shefchek goes on to state, "If you answered 'yes!' you're either over 40 or you are Amish." Since no question was posed, I wonder: If I answered "yes" to what?

I had difficulty understanding his logic. Apparently if I am over 40 and not Amish, it is possible for me to be a rational human being, even if I disagree with his opinion.

But if someone is under 40 and not Amish, they must be irrational if they disagree with his stance.

As to the claim that "when books first came out" any book other than the Bible was considered blasphemous, The Iliad and The Odyssey date to the 7th century B.C. -- long before the first Bible was compiled.

Shefchek's letter suggests to me that today's young people should perhaps spend less time on the internet and playing video games and more time learning how to properly express themselves in writing.


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