Letter: Memorial Day thoughts should turn to abortion too

June 11, 2013 

America recently took another annual moment of silence to remember our fallen and wounded heroes. It causes one to stop and ponder not only our military but all of our harmed and deceased loved ones. I have grieved and prayed with others for our losses. At times, the grief is overwhelming.

Recently, the tragedies inflicted by nature and by man have been the subject of headlines that focused our attention on the children. Across the nation they are abused, brutalized, disfigured, assaulted and killed by man and nature. How could that happen to a child? Why couldn't it have been me?

At the same time, we condone and turn a blind eye to the abortion of millions! We turn a blind eye to the carnage of the innocent. We refuse to acknowledge and identify the hands that provide it. All this to provide for "women's health services."

Here in the Tri-Cities, hundreds of abortions have been performed. Potential children to love, inspiring life, future adults forming families, providing leadership. And we don't miss them, but their mothers will while they silently grieve, I too miss them.

I grieve over this loss every day.


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