Letter: Many of America's children lost their lives securing our rights

June 9, 2013 

It seems fitting that while Memorial Day is still fresh in our minds to remind people to think about all of the other people's children who have died while voluntarily protecting our freedom.

So, the next time you hear someone say, "If it only saves one child" as justification for ripping your freedoms from you, remind them of the lives that already have been given to ensure those exact rights.

They died so that even if 99 percent of the American population wants to remove the constitutional rights of the 1 percent, it can't be done. That is the point and purpose of having a Constitution, to protect us from ourselves.

It does not matter what the majority wants, even if those in the majority act like spoiled children, kicking and screaming. You cannot take our rights away simply because it is easier than holding individuals responsible for their own stupidity.

Veterans, thank you from my very soul for your service to our country. And please accept my apologies for those who would disrespect your sacrifice for their own gains.


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