Letter: FairTax legislation would stop IRS abuses forever

June 7, 2013 

We've recently seen disturbing politically motivated abuses of power, with the IRS targeting organizations for political reasons. Regardless of your politics you should be concerned because this can happen under any administration!

So some day, will the IRS target you, your company, your organization or someone you care about? Would you like to forever eliminate that possibility?

There's a bill in Congress, called the FairTax Act, (see fairtax.org) that would do just that. It is the only tax reform that would forever eliminate the IRS prying into your personal financial affairs, your company's or your organization's.

The FairTax is like Washington state's tax system, with all Federal taxes collected through a retail sales tax. It doesn't require forms, disclosures, audits or defending against IRS accusations. It's simple, fair and transparent and abolishes the IRS!

To forever remove the IRS from your life, support the FairTax. Because passing it is the greatest transfer of power from politicians, lobbyists and the government back to the people, the only way it will pass is if we the people tell our elected officials that if they don't support it, we will not support them.


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