Owner of wallet found at Hanford died in 1995

By Annette Cary, Tri-City HeraldMay 28, 2013 

The old wallet found at Hanford in the area near N Reactor likely belonged to a long-time Tri-City resident who died in 1995, leaving no children.

The Herald published a story Saturday about the wallet and the unsuccessful search by Tom Watson, Mission Support Alliance curation services lead, to find John Arthur Logan or his survivors to return the wallet.

About a dozen history and genealogy enthusiasts responded, digging up information on Logan.

More confirmation on his identity came from people who contacted the Herald to say they knew Logan when he lived at 2121 Canal Drive, the address on the driver's license in his wallet.

The wallet likely went missing about 50 years ago. When it was found and turned into Hanford authorities in 2010, it contained no money or photos, but several identification cards and receipts.

They included a money order receipt dated March 6, 1963, and a U.S. government vehicle identification card good for three years until Aug. 29, 1963.

Dale Gray, now of Pasco, said he lived in the house across the back fence from Logan and his wife from about 1966 until years after Logan died.

"He was a good neighbor," Gray said. "He kept to himself, but if you were doing something, he would offer to help."

Logan, who was a sheet metal worker, spent many hours doing yard work and tending a garden, he said. His wife used to travel to Europe occasionally, but Logan liked to stay home, he said.

Denny Devine and his wife bought the house next door to the Logans in 1986, when they were a few years out of college, he told the Herald. They spent three years there, fixing up a house that had seen better days.

"John was in his 80s and was still going hard all the time -- mowing his lawn, doing a ton of yard work, giving me construction-related tips, lending me a hand now and then," Devine said in an email. "I got to know him well."

He has good memories of Logan as a kind man and a friend.

Logan bought gas at the Circle L Service Station on what's now Columbia Drive and former owner Richard Weaver remembers chatting with Logan about his lawn. Logan told him if he realized his yard with shrubs and flowers would be so much work, he never would have put it in, Weaver said.

Logan's wife, Goldie, died in September 1995 at the age of 91 and John died a month later at the age of 89, according to obituaries found by former Kennewick Mayor Tom Moak. Both were buried in Lewis County.

Gray remembers nephews and nieces coming to clear out their house.

Goldie and John Logan married in 1950, the year he moved to Kennewick, according to their obituaries. She was a school teacher and her obituary said she taught school at Hanford during World War II until she took a leave of absence and joined the military.

She joined the Women's Army Corps at Walla Walla Army Air Base in 1945, according to information found by Paula Fast Nance of Pasco.

She later would teach first grade and then work as the librarian at Lewis and Clark Elementary in Richland.

John Logan was born in Minnesota and likely farmed there with his father before leaving sometime in the '40s and doing construction work in Alaska and Hawaii, according to his obituary and information found by readers. At Hanford, he was a sheet metal worker until his retirement.

Shirley Williams remembers him working on jobs her husband, Erron, bid at Hanford for Williams Sheet Metal in Pasco.

Although the Logans had no children, some Herald readers found information that could lead to nieces and nephews. The Herald has forwarded that information to Watson, who has been searching for family members who might like to have the wallet.

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