Mid-Columbia births for Tue, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013 

Kennewick General Hospital

NEW-JAY -- Jessikka and Brandon Meadors, Kennewick, boy, May 20.

BUCHHOLZ -- Starlite and Greg, Kennewick, girl, May 23.

WINDEN -- Staisha and David, Kennewick, girl, May 24.

MARTINEZ -- Clara and Ruben Escobar Ayala, Pasco, boy, May 24.

GUTIERREZ -- Erica and Gabriel Sauzedo, Kennewick, girl, May 24.

MENDOZA -- Rebeca and Mauricio Rodriguez, Pasco, girl, May 24.

HAYWARD -- Kristan and Ronald III, Hermiston, girl, May 25.

MENDOZA -- Paloma and Rigoberto Muniz, Pasco, girl, May 25.

MCCOLLUM -- Sheena and Barret, Kennewick, girl, May 26.

BOSLEY -- Nicole and Justin, Pasco, boy, May 26.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

HERNANDEZ -- Liliana and Rodolfo Galvan, Kennewick, boy, May 22.

MERRILL -- Julia and Matt, Pasco, boy, May 22.

MORALES -- Nataly and Ulicer Angulo, Kennewick, girl, May 22.

BLOCK -- Alicia and Jesse, West Richland, boy, May 22.

CANELA -- Cecilia, Prescott, girl, May 22.

ANDA -- Vanessa and Peter, Pasco, boy, May 22.

DARLING -- Crystal and Stephen Sindhu, Kennewick, boy, May 22.

MARTINEZ -- Janetlee, Kennewick, girl, May 23.

VERA -- Rosalia and Ciro Velazquez, Sunnyside, boy, May 23.

COLLEY -- Meghann and Vincent, Connell, girl, May 23.

MELGOZA -- Sharon and Javier Romero, Kennewick, girl, May 23.

SHAW -- Amy and Gregg, Pasco, girl, May 23.

COCHRAN -- Niki and John, Richland, girl, May 24.

REYNAGA -- Maria, Pasco, boy, May 24.

ERAZO -- Isela and Pedro, Prosser, boy, May 24.

TOWNE -- Kendra and Spencer, Pasco, boy, May 24.

REEPLOEG -- Gretchen and David, Richland, boy, May 24.

HAMMILL -- Susan and Cody, West Richland, girl, May 25.

PYLICAN -- Megan and James, Kennewick, girl, May 25.

RAMOS -- Lizet and Hector Cervantes, Othello, girl, May 25.

THAYER -- Stevie and Jacob Oho, Kennewick, boy, May 25.

MESSER -- Modesta and Curtis, Kennewick, boy, May 25.

MCMILLIN -- Barbara and Khristopher, Benton City, girl, May 26.

MEZA -- Claudia and Santiago, Hermiston, girl, May 26.

BENSON -- Kellie and Scott, Kennewick, boy, May 26.

RITTENBACH -- Ruth and Tracey, College Place, boy, May 26.

DANILYUK -- Galina and Tony, Pasco, girl, May 26.

RITTMANN -- Meghan and Dan, Benton City, boy, May 26.

BARGER -- Meagan and Tyson, Hermiston, boy, May 26.

MAGELSEN -- Hailey and Anthony Zilar, Kennewick, boy, May 26.

OROZCO -- Estefania, Pasco, girl, May 26.

PULSIPHER -- Angela and Trenton, West Richland, girl, May 27.

HEFFNER -- Amanda and Marcus Dixon, Kennewick, girl, May 27.

RITSCH -- Jennifer and Eric, Boardman, girl, May 27.

Prosser Memorial Hospital

BELTRAN -- Alma and Melvin Garcia, Sunnyside, boy, May 6.

MARTINEZ -- Norma, Granger, girl, May 6.

ALARCON -- Viridiana and Mario Huizar, Grandview, boy, May 9.

PEREZ -- Maria, Mabton, girl, May 10.

LANDA -- Tiffany, Prosser, girl, May 17.

SANCHEZ -- Noemi and Hugo, Prosser, boy, May 17.

Walla Walla General Hospital

SHREVES -- Amber, Weston, boy, May 18.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

BROWN -- Samantha and Richard Wilson, Irrigon, boy, May 15.

IBARRA -- Elizabeth, Boardman, girl, May 16.

SALDANA -- Angela and Victor, Hermiston, boy, May 17.

GONZALEZ -- Niki and Jose, Hermiston, boy, May 17.

AMBROSE -- Katie and Roberto Rosales, Hermiston, boy, May 18.

VANSCHOIACK -- Chenoa and Michael, Hermiston, girl, May 25.

RODRIGUEZ -- Deirdre and Adrian Hernandez, Boardman, boy, May 24.

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