Fast Focus ' Does the Endangered Species Act go too far?' Use smart alternatives

May 26, 2013 

I am not sure that the Endangered Species Act is defined enough. Granted, it is there to protect "endangered" species and must pass critical tests for something to qualify as "endangered." However, using this as a way to do a land grab or to cripple a working farm or causing millions in halted production should not be allowed to happen. There are alternatives to everything. Relocation can and does happen. If something is on the endangered species list, then we put it there, either by hunting it to extinction or introducing a known predator or just overusing the lands.

You cannot, however, make one person or entity pay for the sins of millions by saying, "Oops, now we need to fix this." Now that it is endangered is not the time to fix something. It should have been fixed before. It's not like we didn't have a warning.

I think this act needs to be reworked and an amicable solution needs to be agreed upon. The days of eminent domain for a plant or a bird are behind us. We have technology and it's time to use it to everyone's advantage.

-- HELEN NEWMAN, Kennewick

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