Letter: Obama should accept responsibility for administration's mistakes

May 25, 2013 

President Obama recently rebuked the IRS scrutiny of Tea Party groups, stating, "I will not tolerate it. ... We will find out exactly what happened." At the same time, he refuses accountability for Benghazi.

It's this two-faced stance that has Congress in gridlock over health care, the budget, veterans affairs and other critical issues.

Lies compound themselves, and worse, lead to distrust, disbelief and compound our lack of morality. It's easy to be a leader and take credit when terrorists are apprehended, justice done. Real leaders face problems head-on, accept responsibility, don't shirk their burdens, blame others or obfuscate the truth.

There is no shame in admitting wrongdoing. The sin is in burying it. I'd rather follow one who's accountable for his mistakes and then corrects his course, than stand behind another who continually tries to obscure their mistakes by voicing moral outrage while flinging blame on every bystander.

GABE LYONS, Richland

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