Letter: Leaders have lost moral compass, focus on self-promotion

May 24, 2013 

Lost leadership

Can it be that some of our leaders have forgotten why they were elected? I thought we elected them as public servants and paid them to be rational, adequate, not cheat and make laws that further establish intellectual and spiritual growth to the communities.

Now, it appears that some have little concept of service, are greedy and even challenge the concept of legality and morality.

Some fly-by university teachers preach strange lessons because they want attention and promotion more than truth. What kind of stunted vibes have seized their brains?

The way the system is supposed to work is much like a good industrial leader. He is to be rewarded for establishing good ethics within the company that allow (even encourage) employee contributions (within employee capability). Now some of our leaders claim they see nothing wrong with self-praise, grasping unfairly earned higher wages, etc. Something is amiss here.

What should happen is that self-promotion is held down and not rewarded, while cheating as defined by highest moral standards is strongly punished. I realize this would confuse some lawyers but that is their problem. Do we want a nation of every man for himself or a highly developed intellectual nation where people can and want to cooperate?


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