Letter: Dangerous intersection at Terminal Drive and Van Giesen requires remedy

May 24, 2013 

A citizen's concern

A potentially serious Richland traffic problem exists at the intersection of Terminal Drive and Van Giesen Street. This problem has existed for years and is growing as the traffic increases during rush hour. Cars leaving Columbia Basin Racquet and other nearby businesses head south on Terminal Drive with the intent to ultimately proceed south on Highway 240.

After stopping at the stop sign on Terminal Drive, they cross five lanes of Van Giesen, while weaving through cars heading east into Richland, to get in the right turn lane onto Highway 240. During rush hour, this is especially dangerous, and I have seen many near misses. One recent evening there was another of these near misses; once again a car crossing Van Giesen almost hit a car present in the right-turn lane to Highway 240. The word limit on letters to the editor prevent me from discussing two other traffic anomalies I recently observed.

An easy solution exists -- place a no left turn sign at the stop sign on Terminal Drive that prohibits left turns during rush hour. A safe alternative exists: people wanting to go south on the by-pass highway can do so by heading north to the Terminal Drive and Highway 240 intersection.


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