Thankful Thursday: Caring cemetary worker helped visitors observe Mother's Day

May 23, 2013 

Sprinkler patrol

On Mother's Day morning, my husband and I took pink roses to my mother's grave at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Richland. Several years earlier, I promised my mother that I would continue to place flowers on her mother's (my grandmother's) grave on this special day as long as I could.

On this Mother's Day, many people were doing the same thing for their loved ones -- mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and/or friends. That morning, all sprinklers were on, and it was difficult to time the sprinklers and get to the intended grave site to place flowers and to reflect on our missed loved ones.

I want to thank the young employee who was working as hard as possible, driving around as quickly as he could whenever he saw visitors trying to reach a grave site and helping them get to their spot by turning off or stopping the sprinkler. He took care of us and continued to do so for others.

It is people such as him who truly care, and I thank him for doing what he does best, taking care of people affectionately, living or deceased.

JUDI DAHL, Richland

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