Letter: Treatment program started by nun helping addicts

May 22, 2013 

I am thankful that I found a successful program for those who are addicted to drugs. Search the internet for Cenacola Community to learn more about how it helps drug addicts overcome their problem with work and prayer.

The youth who join this program go of their own free will. When they go there, they are unplugged from computers, phones, etc. They start their day with prayer, breakfast and then do manual labor such as building houses, baking bread and more.

This program founded by Sister Elvira Petrozzi is 99 percent successful. So give it a look if you or a loved one is dealing with drugs or drug-like preoccupations such as computer games.

It is better than having one's nose eaten off with meth and one's teeth destroyed. Or burning up a building by free basing cocaine. Or getting a dread disease because one is too busy with war games on the computer to eat properly.


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