Letters: Two readers react to Tri-City Herald editorial board's 'closed-minded hicks' comment

May 21, 2013 

Dark, shameful editorial

The Tri-City Herald editorial board hates discrimination -- unless, of course, it approves and promotes it.

The editorial board has spent weeks bashing Arlene's Flowers for the audacity of refusing its floral support services to a gay wedding. The May 5 editorial excoriates Mid-Columbia senators for having the gall to introduce legislation relaxing the mandate on businesses to provide services in violation of sincerely held beliefs of religion or conscience.

In a dark and shameful display of contempt for its readers, the Herald discloses its belief that Washington's eastsiders are considered "close-minded hicks" by some in Western Washington. Moreover, it's "embarrassing" to be associated with such activity "from our community" -- a community who voted overwhelmingly to oppose enactment of the "gay marriage" statute.

Would the Herald editorial board feel more comfortable in Seattle, or better still San Francisco? There the board might find harmony with other elites, enlightened secularists, progressives, pseudo-intellectuals and pothead professors. There the board could shake the stigma of these rural hordes clinging to their guns and religion, the hayseeds, unwashed yokels, dirt farmers, and yes, hicks.

If the Herald really hates discrimination, maybe it could repent its duplicity and confront those celebrated youth scholarship programs that with total impunity provide not one single award to a deserving Asian or white kid.


Editorial disappointed

After reading the May 5 editorial, I was disappointed in the Tri-City Herald editorial board. Board members are certainly free to have their own opinions on various topics, just as I am free to my own conclusions

However, if we are to have open discussions on important topics where everyone feels free to express their views, I would expect the Herald staff to refrain from name calling and labeling those who disagree with them as "close-minded hicks." You are an example to the community. Please show you are worthy of this leadership position.



w Editor's note: Our May 5 editorial lamented the possibility that state Sens. Sharon Brown and Mike Hewitt were perpetuating a stereotype. We didn't suggest the stereotype is accurate. Read the editorial and judge for yourself.

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