Letter: Response to Arlene's Flowers ' controversy for the birds (and bees)

May 20, 2013 

Sex types of flowers are now being targeted to argue Arlene's Flowers should know botany as well as flower arranging? Stand in line, all who are willing to force Arlene's owner to forego her beliefs.

Good grief! Now we'll have to have a list of approved bisexual flowers and heterosexual flowers. I wonder where weeds stand in all of this. James Thielman (Letters, May 6) would be wise to open his own shop. Heaven forbid he may sell mixed sexual flowers to the wrong person. Let's see, he could have one section designated "for heterosexual marriages only," one for bi-sexual nuptials, one for might be homosexual but haven't truly decided yet, and one for "gosh, I just think flowers are beautiful, do I have to choose by sex type?" He could have a legal paper drawn up that couples would have to sign indicating the sexual preference they desire for the blessed event. Wow this could really catch on!

The first question on the proposed contract would be: What sexual orientation do you wish your flower to be? Those who choose to say it doesn't matter may have to consider changing their belief to coincide with the rules of the flower house. Amen, pass the daisy please.


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