Letter: Official sets record straight on Pasco's billing policy for utilities

May 19, 2013 

As director of Administrative and Community Services for Pasco, I'd like to respond to the April 30 letter by Sandra Meier.

The city of Pasco bases its utility rates on the cost of services. What may seem like a simple phone call to remind someone they missed paying their utility bill, actually is the result of much staff time to compile the list of delinquent bills and check multiple sources to ensure the payment has not crossed in the mail, was paid online or in one of the drop boxes.

By the time all this takes place, the payment is at least 25 days past due and a second bill should have been received by the customer.

The fees charged to cover additional services provided to those who do not pay their bill on time help keep the overall utility rates lower for those who pay on time. Late fees, disconnect fees and other charges for specific services are typical for utility providers such as natural gas, electricity and water and such fees are the same or higher in Kennewick and Richland. Pasco's utility rates remain the lowest of the Tri-Cities as we continue to provide the best possible service.


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