Fast Focus 'How can we get more people to run for public office?' Workable solutions needed

May 19, 2013 

The question shouldn't be "How," but "Can?" I had the privilege of attending the last town hall meeting held in Kennewick. With the exception of the public officials and the media, I would say that three-quarters of the people attending came wearing red shirts. After listening to their comments, the only thing missing was a hammer and sickle stenciled on their shirts.

Then, they turned their pit bull union official loose on poor state Sen. Sharon Brown. I guess they didn't like the way she voted on their narrow-focused agenda. I guess overwhelming a meeting and intimidating our elected officials (or appointed in Ms. Brown case) is the only way to get what they want.

Unfortunately, our state lacks the funds to fund everybody's wish list.

Maybe they should man-up and run viable candidates for elected office who can draft a logical plan on how to generate new revenue to fund their hearts' desires.

With unemployment over 10 percent (or higher with those that have given up looking) in our area, new taxes are a job killer. I do my best to spend my limited dollars locally. I could go over my word count by saying how well Ms. Brown stood up ...

-- EVAN MEACHAM, Kennewick

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