A snowball's chance in Hell

May 17, 2013 

I should know by now that when I complain about something, I will be soon get served by a cosmic breakdancing crew intent on humiliating me.

Monday brought just this kind of shaming as I started my late shift feeling sluggish and without time to properly caffeinate.

Another ribbon cutting?

My mood quickly changed when the staff at Bethlehem Lutheran Church greeted me warmly and told me what they had planned. With plenty of games and action on tap, I didn't really bother shooting too many CYA-type photos and decided to try and get some good clips for a video instead.

The big introduction of the school's new mascot outfit didn't quite line up right to capture the excitement:

A few lucky kids from each grade got to shoot the first hoops and Jeremiah Kennell, 11, got an assist on a dunk from teacher David Haynes:

What I was really looking forward to was the "snowball fight," though, which let all of the students in attendance enjoy the new gym while whipping balled-up socks at each other:

The staff and faculty joined the fun too:

I almost chose this chaotic photo,

but ended up choosing this frame:

I liked the moment and inclusion of some other gym elements. It also helped that the photo shows Jacob Schuldheisz, 11, left, hitting his sister Lilly, 10. While there's plenty to look at in the previous photo, I think the elements in this one came together cleaner, using the frame and capturing the fun in a more interesting way.

The video also turned out pretty well, netting about 150 views,

more than doubling the 68 views I got for this one about motivational speaker Brad Barton,

whose awesome newspaper trick should have garnered a few more clicks.

It was easily the best ribbon cutting I've ever attended (sorry mom, yours is a close second). While I doubt I'll have such an enjoyable one again anytime soon, it was a much-needed reminder about how unexpectedly fun this job can be sometimes.

Speaking of fun...

The accusations against World Press Photo of the Year winner Paul Hansen stepped up a few notches as an article at extremetech.com claimed to have forensic image evidence proving the image was a composite of a few different photos. The story was popular in photo social networks, but Hansen was soon vindicated. The original story, which includes phrases like "nail in the coffin," is littered with updates to try and save face.

Alex Garcia has a great response at the Chicago Tribune to the piece, and Der Spiegel has a feature that lets you compare original files with the toned award winners.

Even sadder is how much hand-wringing and finger pointing there has been over an image of a mourners carrying two dead children. Yes, ethics are very important in maintaining the credibility of photojournalism, but this whole debacle felt like a jealous witch hunt.

For something that's not sarcastically fun, check out Chase Jarvis living out his dream for an ad campaign for Samsung and getting to float amid some technicolor clouds.

Angelina Jolie's big announcement brought back some intimate photos by her husband.

Brad Pitt, or something...

Anyway, they're totally safe for work and worth checking out.

Finally, police in Bakersfield, Calif., seized a woman's phone after she filmed them fatally beating David Sal Silva outside a hospital. It's even scarier news in a week that has seen blatant abuses of power by government agencies. Somewhere, somebody in a foil hat is muttering, "I told you so..."


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